Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Do I look fat in this?

I have been working on this for months trying to refine my wardrobe to better represent me for who I really am. So, as you may have noticed I really like this shirt, I mean can one really go wrong with an olive green hawaiian shirt? But now that I see the outfit from this perspective I beginning to wonder if I should consider a belt, or maybe I should reconsider the silk shirt and gold chains? I hear the Vegas look is back.


Jenny in Utah said...

Have you ever thought about getting a new shirt? The Gold Mine should have something good for Spring - if not, we'll send one your way - what's your size?

ME! said...

Hey in all seriousness! you are a great brother and we just had to show our love for you by showing the world what a great guy you are! BTW I will find you a new shirt in Fiji for your b-day!

Robison said...

I miss that shirt. Last time I saw you wearing it I believe it was missing 1 sleeve and the seam down the side was torn. Good times