Tuesday, April 29, 2008

On Becoming Uncle Boogerhead!

Here I am waiting to become an Uncle! Here's the first one to ever call me Uncle Boogerhead!

The second one came soon after and, sure enough, the Uncle Boogerhead tradition continued! (Along with a shift in my hair, from my head to my chin - they call me Red Beard. At least I still have color in my beard.)

This little guy isn't sure about me, and I can't say that I'm too sure about him. But, if he calls me Uncle Boogerhead, I guess I'll respond!

Do I look fat in this?

I have been working on this for months trying to refine my wardrobe to better represent me for who I really am. So, as you may have noticed I really like this shirt, I mean can one really go wrong with an olive green hawaiian shirt? But now that I see the outfit from this perspective I beginning to wonder if I should consider a belt, or maybe I should reconsider the silk shirt and gold chains? I hear the Vegas look is back.

I need a little exterior design input.

This is not my specialty…I am honestly working with a big blank canvas here, and decided to head to the local Home Depot for some input from the experts on what is the best color scheme for my home sweet home. Oh almost forgot the best part of my new home, FREE air conditioning, remember we all need to do our part for global warming!

Don't hate me 'cause my legs are better than yours!

Seriously, what is your problem ? 

I will get there when I am good and ready and not a minute sooner. 

Just be happy I am showing up!

No Respect for their Elders

No respect! Here I am trying to scare the kids and they are just smiling away like I am not even present? I mean look at them, one is more concerned with smiling at the camera, another is trying on a new ski cap, and the "boy" is figuring out how to put a straw in his drink. NO RESPECT!!!! How am I supposed to be the grumpy Uncle Boogerhead. I guess I need to work on that a bit? Maybe I should have added in a few more "Grrr's" or maybe even a big "ROAR".